Changing a document's name

Mar 29, 2017  

So far, the names of patantara documents were fixed at creation time. This has proved to be disadvantageous especially given that when a new document is needed, many users are using the “copy” function to copy an existing starter document, which ends up having the same name as the original.

As of this post, patantara supports changing the catalog name of a document for the convenience of users.

Document preamble

A document can now have a “preamble section” in which a bunch of information about the document can be specified which is not intended to be shown. The document preamble appears as shown in the example below -

.. preamble content ..

.. document body ..

The two “lines” made of “hyphen” characters demarcate the preamble, which MUST appear BEFORE all other body content.

Within the preamble, you can specify your document’s file name using a line like one shown below -

file name = Muttusvāmi Dīkṣitar - Ārabhi - Gaṇarājēna Rakṣitōham

Note that the name under which the document is filed can include diacritics marks too as in the example above. You can also use other languages in the file name.

Future uses

The preamble is introduced as a general way to include “meta data” - i.e. data about the document - within the document itself, so that changes to the meta data can also be tracked along with the document. Patantara preserves a document’s complete edit history and including such meta data along with the document makes it possible to track the version history of its meta data also, even if the document was “copied” from an existing document.

In the future, the preamble will be put to other uses such as sharing controls, cataloging and indexing.