Introducing "published" documents

Jan 12, 2014  

Patantara has provided the ability to create and edit Carnatic music notations and have them instantly published on the web, with facility for multiple editors to collaborate on a document. However, a document can be in a “work in progress” state during which the authors/editors do not wish for it to be visible, yet, to the world. This is true, in particular, of newly created documents. A new “publish” feature has been introduced to address this issue, so that the publicly visible documents are all available in a stable and high quality state all the time.

The “Publish” button

In the editor view, you’ll now see a “publish” button at the top if you’re logged in as an editor. Any edits you perform on the document are immediately visible to all other concurrent editors, but not to the world at large. That is, a visitor only viewing your document will only see the prior version that you’d declared as suitable for publication.

When you, or another editor, decides that the latest version is suitable to be made public, just click the “Publish” button and the new version will be visible to all new viewers. In your editor window, once your document’s current version is published, the “Publish” button will be replaced by the green text “Published”, to indicate that your document’s current state is now visible.

Collaborating on unpublished documents

You can collaborate with other editors on unpublished documents too.

When you create a new document, it isn’t immediately visible to the public and will be listed in the “My Documents” section on the main page once you sign in using Mozilla Persona. You can still edit it, of course.

If you wish to collaborate on the document with another editor, simply send the document’s editor URL to your collaborator. Once your collaborator is also signed-in using Mozilla Persona, both of your edits will be visible to each other instantaneously … or as instantaneously as your internet connections will permit.

Will my unpublished edits be saved?

Saving is continuous and automatic.

As long as the “Saved” word is present at the top of your editor window, you can be assured that the changes you’ve made have all been saved on the server, regardless of whether your edits are “published” - i.e. publicly visible to viewers - or not.