Bouncy Hints

May 29, 2019  

Sometimes when practicing, you just need that extra bit of a hint about the timing of the various svaras/lyrics that make up a line … before you take off on your own. With the new “hints” facility, Patantara will now highlight lyrics or svaras during playback, practice or recording using a bouncing ball.

Warning: This is work in progress and is subject to change.

Hints option

In order to get the kind of hints you see in the above video, you turn on the new “Hints” option in the player control panel.

Hints option

When you turn on hints using the above indicated checkbox, you’ll also have the option to get hints for lyrics or svaras, in case a line has both. You’ll see this option pop up at the top right corner of the page and will be roughly as shown below. Click on either “lyrics” or “svaras” to select your preference.

Hints: lyrics or svaras

Svara hints

If you selected “svaras” in the choice panel, you’ll see the following hints instead of what you saw in the first video above.


This is a simple feature. It cooperates with everything else you know, including “Slow”, “Tala” and “silent tracks” in practice sets. So it should feel natural to use it.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Happy practice!