Link Sharing

Mar 1, 2022  

Sometimes you want to let a few people view a document without having them register with Patantara and having to explicitly give them permission through their email addresses. Link sharing is a way to do that without making your document public.

You can explicitly give viewer/editor permissions to a document for specific people using the approach described in Controlling who can view/edit your document.

To give viewer permissions to someone who may not want to create an account with Patantara or may not want to disclose their email address, all you have to do is to enable link sharing for the document by using the following in the document’s “preamble” -

viewers = all

So instead of explicitly listing email addresses in the viewers property of your document, you just state all.

Now you can send the view link of the document via email and and anyone with that link will be able to view your document without logging in to Patantara.

That’s all there is to it!

Btw this is not a new feature introduced. It has always been available, but not documented or called out elsewhere.