Svara script choice

Feb 27, 2014  

Patantara now has experimental support for Tamil and Roman svara script display when viewing any notation document. The documents are still created using the roman svarasthana notation, but the displayed script can be changed to suit the viewer’s preferred language.

What this means is that when you’re viewing any document (in viewer mode, not in editing mode), you get an option to choose the script in which svarasthana lines will get displayed.

As of this post, only two scripts are supported - “Roman” (which is the default) and “Tamil” which uses Tamil letters with superscripts to show svarasthana names. If you’re interested in getting similar display for a language of your choice and are willing to help, please contact us via the link on . We hope to add support for at least Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam.

Note: Whenever too many svarasthana names need to be shown in a small space, the renderer will select the “Roman” option. This works to distinguish between prescriptive and descriptive notation usually. We’re in the process of tweaking this so that no intervention would be required from the part of the document author.

For an example, go to Ganarajena Rakshitoham and select the “Svara script” option at the top of the page.