Write notation once and publish in 5 languages

Feb 28, 2014  

All notations added to Patantara so far (and any that you add from now on, of course) will be viewable in four South Indian language scripts - Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu - in addition to Roman svara letters. This is part of the larger plan of Patantara to defer the presentation choice of musical material to the point at which it is consumed rather than when it is first produced.

While currently the language scripts apply only to prescriptive svaras, the same concept will soon be extended to support lyrics as well, moving towards a true multi-lingual publication platform.

Screenshots of different views of the first line of “Ganarajena Rakshitoham” follow.


Roman w. numeric subscript

Roman w. numeric superscript





Please do post a comment if there are linguistic inaccuracies you notice. Numeric subscripts and superscripts are available with all supported languages.


Thanks to Dr. N. Ramanathan for correcting the diirgha svara names erroneously used in Kannada and Telugu, and also for other diacritic corrections on the original document. The notation for Ganarajena Rakshitoham has now been edited to reflect his corrections, and the diirgha svara names have been fixed in the patantara software so all documents render correctly in the various languages.